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01 October 2015
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15 December 2017
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31 May 2017
The technology that deeply influences the world...
31 May 2017

The technology that deeply influences the world of designing is quickly making progress, ORICAD born to meet new market demands and has been created and developed to fulfil the knitting operator needs. ORICAD has new tools like the special vectorial graphic solution and thanks to it the daily work becomes more comfortable as well as the operation result of the knitter. Optimised for Windows 10 the new Orizio graphic software ORICAD is fully compatible with the old Orizio machine models, it is a user-friendly program that allow the user to stop or give transparency to colours, make special copies, remove drawing troubles using the new functions find and replace and many other easy instruments. All the advantages of the new software program are possible even maintaining the easy way to convert the drawings into stitches, advantages well appreciated on the well-established ORIDES program. Get down to work! For more information contact us.

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